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Delights of Summer at Glen Helen Resort

This Perentie shows little fear of humans as he strolls around the campground looking for a meal. They will feed on pretty well anything, so regularly patrol places where humans may have left some treats.

It is one of the special times of the year in Central Australia. Hot weather is the norm, and we have had some spells over 40 degrees C. But the atmosphere is very relaxed and evening drinks on the back verandah and swimming in the Glen Helen Gorge are the order of the day.

The swimming pool sparkles and suits those who really like to see the bottom of where they are swimming!

Guests arrive to a very quiet homestead and sometimes ask, ‘what on earth is it like, living out here all the time?’ They get shown to their Air Conditioned Motel room and gasp with pleasure at the coolness. We have time to chat in summer, to share our life experiences with our visitors from all parts of the world, learn about their lives and their current holiday. They cannot believe we are so happy and relaxed living somewhere so remote!

We often share the summer sports on the Television, sharing the Australian Open, and the International Cricket, and so on.

There are interesting reptiles around. Currently we have a medium sized Perentie hanging around, looking very regal and impressive at over 1 metre long. Stimsons Pythons show up and cooperate with some handling and display for visitors, many of whom have never touched any reptile in their lives.

We have some special functions, such as our Australia Day dinner, Valentines Dinner which are well supported by our local guests, whose repeated custom we appreciate so much.

But most days are just simple days of quiet customer service, relaxed atmosphere along with our great meals.

Most visitors come in the cooler months, but there is a special summer atmosphere that is worth the experience, so come soon and enjoy the great vibe!!

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