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“An oasis in the middle of nowhere” A staff testimonial


Glen Helen:  an Oasis in the middle of nowhere (October-November 2009)

Hi! My name is Simone Natali Tanci and I spent a year in Australia with a working holiday visa.

Before leaving my country I planned my stay a little bit but once there everything changed.

What didn’t change was the desire and willing to experience the real Australian life, particularly living and working in the bush.

As everyone can do, I surf on the web trying to find some information and, why not, a place to stay; after searching for a while I found out some videos and reviews of Glen Helen Resort and I said “That’s perfect!!” I immediately decided to send an email and in a couple of days arranged my trip.

When I landed at Alice Springs airport the atmosphere was so strange: it seemed to be in a farm and around there was nothing!! For those coming from and always living in big cities the impact with this environment might be tough at first glance but, once you get used to it, it’s hard to get back.

At the airport I met my manager and a musician (very kind persons!!) and together we head straight to the resort.

Our way to Glen Helen was simply stunning and since the beginning I enjoyed my experience because the fact that everything is different does not mean that is not good.

We drove for more than 100 km and I’ve never seen anything like that in my life, or better, I’ve just seen it on TV: red sand, dry trees, gorges, rocks and nothing else but a quiet place!

Once arrived at the resort I received a warm welcome from my colleagues and understood immediately the kind of life they live there, that has nothing to do with life in big cities.

The resort was a good place to stay, above all if you want to escape the stress, and was surrounded by a wonderful gorge; it happened several times to go there after work and have a bath. Otherwise we had a small and gorgeous swimming pool to escape the hot weather: in fact we had an average of 35, 38 degrees Celsius everyday and rain was a rare option!

Besides this negative aspect (not for me), it was such a great experience: we were like a big family; we live, work and eat together, sharing our opinions. We arranged BBQ nights many times, we enjoyed the live music drinking cool beers and good Australian wines at the bar and the dining room. Sometimes we spent evenings outside relaxing and watching stars in the sky!

The landscape around was something it’s worth seeing and allows me to do things that I’ve never done in my life like driving in the desert and flying with a helicopter. We shared the territory not with human beings but with animals and often made encounters with them, mostly birds but sometimes snakes. And I even enjoyed the sunrise and sunset, such a beautiful thing!

Concerning my job it was a multitasking position so that you can learn everything about the resort; sometimes I was at the bar, sometimes at the restaurant. And it was a nice place not only to learn but also to talk with people. It occurred many times to have long conversations with guests: actually, they were very tired, hungry and thirsty when they arrived but friendly and not stressed at all; in fact, stress could never survive in this place!

And It even occurred to meet them again in other cities! That was very funny….but not strange because I was a traveller, too.

I definitely come back to Glen Helen, should I have the possibility: you meet new friends, you make wonderful experiences but above all you enjoy your life….and if you’re a working traveller like me you could even save some money for next trip around Australia.



Glen Helen note:


Simone whose home is Rome, Italy, worked at Glen Helen Resort October /November 2009. He was one of many travellers from Europe who visit and work in Central Australia as part of the WORKING HOLIDAY VISA programme.

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