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A Working Holiday in The Red Centre

The staff at Glen Helen Homestead Lodge are a mix of international backpackers, adventurous Australians and grey nomads looking for a place to stop for a while.

Staying for 6 weeks to 6 months there are always new and enthusiastic people ready to welcome visitors and offer advice on how to get the most from your visit to Glen Helen and the West MacDonnell Ranges.

Want to join the Glen Helen team? Read below to see if working in this unique environment is for you

We employ International Working Holiday Visa holders regularly, for periods from 6 weeks to 6 months, and have had staff from Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Estonia, USA, Korea, Hong Kong, so far in the last few years. Many Australians travelling have also worked for us for short or longer periods.

Some older working/travelling Australians and Grey Nomads have also called Glen Helen home for a few months.

Every staff member brings their own special personality to their job, and we relish the variety and diversity of backgrounds that our staff display.

We are a remote property so all staff live on site, occupying shared or single accommodation units, each with their own bathroom.

An attractive Staff meals and accommodation package makes it possible for staff to save up some funds for the next leg of their journey. Our Chef keeps us all healthy with great meals. We are all living pretty close together and so have a family atmosphere with its fun and also its lack of complete privacy! You can see on the staff photos page that we do have plenty of fun!

If you do not have transport, we pick you up in Alice Springs when you arrive. Trips to ‘town’ can be coordinated with other staff on times off.

Work may be Outdoors, in the grounds, or in one of many other roles, such as kitchen hand, housekeeping, restaurant or bar service, reception and general customer service. All positions entail cleaning of one sort or other, and the least popular jobs are shared as fairly as possible. We offer 30 hours minimum per week in our roster, with one and sometimes two days off per week.

Many staff come to us with no hospitality experience, and we are more than happy to train you on the job. The only thing we do require is a positive, teachable and pleasant attitude and good English skills, spoken and written. Glen Helen frequently has guests from European countries with limited English, and they will need to be able to understand the staff both in person and on the phone. If you have a strong accent, even if your vocabulary is good, it may be difficult for you to make yourself understood with the clients. So please consider this before applying

Please also consider if you are prepared for living in a remote situation without TV, Mobile phones, and regular internet access, without nearby shopping, movies, nightclubs etc. If you love the outdoors, swimming, bushwalking, exploring, getting away from it all, then Glen Helen may be just the place for you!

Please note: We do not have primary industry status so we are not able to help with the 3 months farm work to claim a second visa.

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