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The Many Views of the Glen Helen Gorge

Given the long history of the area it is not surprising that many people from all over Australia have memories and attachments to the Glen Helen Gorge.  Almost every day we hear the recollections of guests who had visited the area as children or saw pictures of the visits of family members as they grew up.  I find their recollections of particular interest as I enjoy the challenge of trying to envision what they describe versus what I am currently surrounded by.  Much like trying to picture the open spaces that eventually make way for the cities of the world, on occasion it can be difficult to picture the original Glen Helen experience when guests traveled to the area via rough dirt roads and set up camp right by the gorge.  Occasionally though stories are not of how the area has changed but of how, in a changing world, The West MacDonnell Ranges have been able to remain the same.  One such story was recently told by Bruce and Robin Kemp who visited Glen Helen  in August.  While in the area they were able to recreate the scene in a 1970′s Fraser Hay painting titled  Pool in the Ormiston.  

The Pool in the Ormiston

The 1970′s Fraser Hay painting

Ormiston Gorge

The photo recreation of the 1970′s painting by Fraser Hay














































Perhaps you have similar artwork or memories of the West MacDonnell Ranges that you would like to share with us.  Leave a comment below or feel free to drop in and visit to tell us your story.

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